Grandville, MI – SecuRemote® Technology is the first of its kind in home automation. Using Bluetooth technology and proprietary security software, homeowners can now operate their garage door, and will be able to control entry doors, gates, and even lights all from a single app. Controlling devices with your smart phone is nothing new, but the control SecuRemote technology provides is unprecedented. Homeowners now have the power to add, delete, schedule access, and see the activity for each user – helping you take control.

SecuRemote is incorporated into mortise locks and deadbolts for entry doors, decorative and functional lighting using low voltage LED lights, and even gate operators for easy property access, thus bringing a comprehensive solution to the home. The Bluetooth signal coupled with SecuRemote technology, which adds a second layer of encryption, provides the highest level of security. The SecuRemote app is free and works with all SecuRemote products, giving users unprecedented convenience, control, and security for their home.

The SecuRemote Controller for the Garage, the first in the family of SecuRemote products; it stands alone in the marketplace as the only product of its kind. No more passing out keys or garage door remotes; just grant access to a specific phone on a temporary or permanent basis for true keyless home access. The garage controller installs in minutes and works alongside virtually every automatic garage door operator on the market. Now, homeowners never have to worry about would-be intruders intercepting an RF signal, or have to change the code or battery on a keypad again.

Belwith will be showcasing its industry-leading brands including Keeler and First Watch Security at the Bluetooth SIG sponsored Media Event at CES 2013.

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