GRANDVILLE, Mich.—Belwith Products, LLC (“Belwith”), a designer and manufacturer of kitchen, bathroom and door hardware located in Grandville, Michigan, is now becoming a key spokesperson in support of intellectual property rights.

“Intellectual Property (I.P.) violations are hard to monitor,” says Thomas Guido, General Manager and CFO of Belwith Products LLC. “When these violations occur, all industry participants, including hardware, furniture and cabinet makers alike, get damaged by these violating ‘copy cats’.”

Belwith® Products, LLC (Belwith®), the owner of such brands as Keeler ™, also known as Keeler Brass Company®, Belwith-Keeler ®, Hickory Hardware® and First Watch® Security, has assumed a strong position in addressing this issue for the decorative cabinet and furniture hardware industry. Belwith® has pursued several industry violators and will continue to enforce its I.P. rights and prosecute, when necessary. Belwith® stands behind innovation and respects the intellectual property rights of others.

Belwith® Products, the leader in design and finish in the decorative cabinet, door and furniture hardware industry, is now developing a host of new products and merchandising solutions through its strategic initiative to provide continuous innovation to its customer base.

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