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Governor Rick Snyder Visits Belwith® Headquarters in Grandville, MI

GRANDVILLE, MI., October 13, 2016 – A special meet & greet was arranged between Governor Snyder and Belwith® Products, LLC; introducing him to Belwith’s legacy, celebrating 123 years of artistry and innovation in Michigan. Michigan policies influenced Belwith’s business decision to keep its headquarters to Michigan, creating jobs within the state and supporting Michigan’s economy with their continued business growth. Senator Meekhof, Senator MacGregor, Representative VerHeulen, and staff accompanied Governor Snyder during the meet & greet. Belwith provided them a headquarters tour, showing their legacy, artistry, and innovation processes to express appreciation for the State government’s support of small and growing companies.



Overview of Belwith
Belwith Products, well-known for their decorative hardware designs and a well-established company for more than 120 years, has been an industry-leading company in stylish and functional products. Everyone from decorators to remodelers to home improvement enthusiasts will appreciate the leading-edge styles and unparalleled quality products created by Belwith. Their master craftsmen, engineers and designers integrate both design and technology to imagine and deliver complete home solutions, centered on style, convenience and control.

A History of Design
Belwith Products’ rich history started in 1893. It was then that Miner Keeler and his two brothers, Isaac and George, formed Keeler Brass Company to produce brass furniture trim and quality hardware for homeowners. In step with every major American design movement, Belwith has manufactured popular hardware pieces for more than 12 decades. Priding itself upon a lineage built emulating and advancing old world craftsmanship, the company has an impressive product archive of innovative hardware designs and styles. Influencing designs for decades, Belwith’s living library of shapes and finishes is often imitated throughout the industry, but seldom duplicated.

Forging the Best in Decorative and Functional Hardware
Today, Belwith, along with its three brand divisions, Keeler®, Hickory Hardware® and First Watch Security®, leads the industry through a unique and visionary fusion of design and technological innovation. Belwith’s products exemplify a strong commitment to quality and attention to detail.

➢ The Keeler division has a long-standing passion for excellence which drives the company’s desire to not just create hardware, but pieces of art, heirlooms and family treasures. Inspired new hardware innovations are created every day by Keeler’s experts. They produce timeless designs in cabinetry and architectural door hardware. Keeler’s designs and finishes represent the integration of the company’s deep-rooted heritage and vision for the future.
➢ Belwith’s Hickory Hardware division strives to provide customers with a variety of door, drawer and cabinet hardware in up-to-date styles and finishes. Propelled by highly experienced designers, engineers and master craftsmen, the company offers an extensive product assortment of the highest quality decorative cabinet, door, security and builder’s hardware.
➢ First Watch Security is one of the most recognized brands of design-accented and life-enhancing security products, including locks, door reinforcers and other security products to protect homes.

Latest Belwith Products
➢ The latest Hickory Hardware fall launch includes 194 items within twelve new collections. Inspired by fashion trends, and re-imagined by artisans to bring refreshed designs in decorative hardware. The fall launch includes extended sizes of popular collections and the newest collections come in new finishes such as Flat Ultra Brass, Elusive Golden Nickel, and Bright Copper.

Global Recognition, Quality and Style
Belwith’s world-class products offer exceptional quality and style and include pulls, knobs, decorative hooks, cabinet hardware, furniture hardware, EKDs (electronic keyless deadbolts), architectural door, and wall plates. Belwith’s products exemplify commitment to quality and attention to detail. Belwith Products are available from home centers, hardware stores, specialty showrooms, design-conscience retailers and numerous online retailers. For more information, call 800-235-9484 or visit

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